If you left someone behind, you can take your picture of the stable area. Boots with the correct heels ensure that your foot is not caught in the stirrup in the case of a runaway horse or the need to disassemble immediately. Supportive and breathable socks keep your foot in place and prevent blisters after a long day on the go. Just kidding, when is it not a good time to go horse riding??

If you are new to driving, it is imperative to go with an experienced guide. But the guide cannot travel for you, so it helps to understand the basics of riding before you leave so you can distract your horse from the path. Check out this excellent tutorial on the basics of horse riding. Pressure on one side of the leg horse will stimulate or change direction forward. Press the drill by pulling back on the reins will encourage your horse to slow down and also help turn in the direction. Likewise, releasing this pressure from your legs and hands will assure your horse that you have done the right thing.

Long pants and good footwear are essential for horse riding. Any closed-ended shoe could do the job, but it would be ideal if you have a pair of low-heeled boots no more than 1-1.5 inches (2.5-4 cm) to avoid your feet slide through the stirrups. As long as you have a good balance and the power to use your hands, body and legs to signal your horse, there is no reason why you cannot make your dream come true. We would be remiss not to mention what to put on your head and toes as this is the most important part!

Make every trip as safe as possible with these basic guidelines. It is important to have the right tack and equipment when you start driving. You must ensure that your saddle is well adapted to your horse and that the stirrups are the correct length. Also, the type of bit you use is important, as is the length of the reins. The best driving outfit is comfortable pants and a large pair of boots. Your pants should be durable, but with enough stretch to move easily on them, and your boots should have a short heel.

Sit still with your seat and reverse the reins means stop. If you push the side of the horse with one leg, it should move in the opposite direction. When you apply a rein on the right or left neck, the horse turns in that direction. Hold your reins in one hand, preferably the dominant hand. While it can be hot outside, it is best to always wear suitable breeches. We recommend wearing standard jeans or shorts for horse riding .

Many new riders try to stand on the stirrups and hold the front arch of the saddle. This means you fall out of balance on horseback and you fall without warning. Keep your legs in the correct position, align with the body and the heels of the horse with the horse’s belly. Hold firmly with the knee and Equestrian thigh and hold the toe as a resting position in the stirrups. You press your feet against the stirrup, you get no comfort while driving and in some cases it can be very dangerous. After mounting, adjust your stirrups to the length of your legs and keep your toe in a resting position on the stirrup.

New cyclists tend to hold their reins for too long and hold their hands to their chest, rather than their bellies. First of all, never be afraid to ask questions to a driving instructor. A good instructor welcomes questions from all rider levels; If you have an instructor who doesn’t like questions, you need to find another one. Most horse trainers teach animals to respond to the neck. That means you have to move a left nut to lead the horse to the left and vice versa. Please note that these kits are in direct contact with the horse’s mouth and do not pull hard.

5 riding tips for runners (all levels!) is a simple guide to follow for a pleasant trail ride, whatever your skill level. If you’ve never been on horseback or just rode a few short rides before, it may seem idyllic and daunting to explore the New Mexico Black Range Mountains on horseback. After all, you entrust your safety to an animal with its own mind. Anyway; You must use the correct driving equipment before driving. Must have a helmet or helmet, right size riding boots, shorts, smoothies, gloves and straps. Each drive device must be properly adjusted to your body and loose objects must be avoided.