It has become a Christmas tradition to play Secret Santa. Whether at school, university or work, this fun game makes everyone feel involved and also gives people the opportunity to get to know each other much better. A book is a perfect gift for the Christmas period that you can cuddle with and a cup of cocoa.

Moreover, Tweezerman is in fact the brand of the highest quality when it comes to hair removal, so you will be completely grateful for the stylish purchase. Beloved from all holidays, productive marriage assistant and always ready for a party. Always on the most exclusive gifts, cozy clothes and great products. Treat someone with a preference for a box filled with these super cute and delicious fingerprints, which combine red velvet cake with melted cheesecake in the mouth. Simple in both idea and construction, these DIY pins are a wonderful way to show that you are taking care of your loved one this Christmas. Cheap and fun to make, you can make an individual and personal gift that doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket.

Made from just a few simple ingredients: finely supplied tea, sugar and spices, these little snacks are perfect for a busy colleague looking for an easy and healthy drink to drink. Improve your hot chocolate set with a box of santa letters gourmet marshmallows. From drunken flavors like bourbon to sweet flavors like lawyer, these handmade marshmallows are good enough to eat right out of the box. With all the space you save, you have enough space for snacks.

They will also be protected from strong gusts of wind, which means they will not experience the dreaded umbrella invested in the middle of a downpour. We all have that friend who proposes a night of wine and cheese every time they get the chance, so give them a plate that takes their cheese plate to the next level. Circular plates are always the best starting point to place cheddar, gouda and brie together with walnuts, fruit and meat. This simple threshold plate is aesthetic and 13 inches in diameter, large enough for all your service needs. In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, we could all wear some extra face masks, so everyone would appreciate an imprint. With just $ 12.50 for a pack of five, these Old Navy masks are our favorite affordable face masks.

Anyone can make this delicious and healthy homemade orange and espresso soap to give away this Christmas period! Use of some essential oils, powders, a potato peeler (of all things!), and a few weeks to heal, you can have these beautiful bits of soap ready to spread as bathing treats this season. Take a pizza out of the action and serve pizza on pizza. Designed to look real, this set of pizza slice dishes would be an ideal gift for pizza lovers you meet. The dishes come in a real looking pizza box for an extra touch. Cute and cute, this cute cat thermos is Santa’s secret gift idea for any cat lover.