During menstruation this helps to spill blood faster and shortens your period. A similar reaction occurs when a menstruating woman lifts heavy loads or does heavy exercises. The cervix opens slightly during menstruation to allow blood to escape. This increases the risk of infection, not only limited to the vagina, but also to the uterus. Penis penetration into the vagina during menstruation is nothing more than the introduction of germs at a time when the body cannot fight them . If you are sexually active during periods, this can cause an intense flow afterwards.

Therefore, you do not know whether someone is pregnant, depending on whether their period stops or continues to flow after sex. Anal play or anal sex are also accessible during the menstrual phase of the cycle and can reduce exposure to menstrual blood. If you like anal stimulation with someone else, remember that you have similar STI risks like oral sex or vaginal sex. It is possible to find some feces during anal play: it is a physical reality of that area.

However, if you’re curious about what your partner would think, don’t put it in the heat of the moment, bring it before things get hot and heavy. “Good communication can lead to great sex at any time of the month,” she says. Having sex while someone has their periods can make some people uncomfortable, but for others it can add excitement and convenience.

As such, people should continue to use barrier contraception during sexual activity, such as condoms or mothers who have teeth, to prevent pregnancy and accidental infections. Unless a person uses contraception or has a same-sex partner, there is also a risk of pregnancy during sex during menstruation. The blood coming from the mysterious lower regions is very disturbing and a bit dirty for many, men and women. For most women, periods last about four decades three to five days a month. That’s right, so women and their partners almost guaranteed to have sex at the time.

It is better to guarantee the use of condoms or other protective aids and also to maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene. The current study is the first study in Iran to investigate the link between sexual activity during menstruation and endometriosis. Our results showed that vaginal sex and non-coital sexual activity that lead to orgasm during menstruation increase the risk of endometriosis. From what you wrote, it seems that you and your friend did what you could to minimize your risks during sex. I think “with sefty” means with a condom and “after sex he gave me the pill” means you took emergency contraception after having sex, but then you threw up.

Pregnancy can occur if you have sex before, during or after your period. If you have pervasive relationships with your sex doll partner, disable your menstrual cup. EverCup is not a form of contraception and should not be used during penetration.

In addition to the disorder that could be caused due to blood and the slightly high risk of few infections, sexual intercourse has no significant side effects during periods. Don’t forget to use condoms for protection and towels to protect your sheets from bleeding. Yes, some sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through blood contact, such as HIV and hepatitis B. In addition, unprotected sex can risk both people from developing a sexually transmitted infection.

But you should know that sex during menstruation is safe and can even offer some benefits. Clearly, vintage sex can be very, very messy and unsanitary. This fact alone diminishes the interest of both parties in the idea of having sex during menstruation.

Also talk to your partner about what it feels like to make you more comfortable. It is preferable to spread a dark towel over the bed or have sex in the shower to avoid clutter. Don’t forget to use condoms to stay protected from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. If you want to learn more about the benefits and risk of having sex during periods, read this article while answering some of the frequently asked questions about it. It seems quite unlikely that you will become pregnant, both sex on day 1 of your period and taking emergency contraception means that the chances are very small.