Best IPhone Accessories Of 2021

Even when your iPhone is locked, there are many things available on your lock screen and it is still accessible. Of course, it’s easier to have them because you can use them without entering your password every time. But imagine iPhone oplader your iPhone being stolen and someone else has access to all those features. If you turn all of these things off, someone won’t be able to look in your Notification Center or reply to a message when you’re away from your phone.

He graduated from Colgate University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in history. This “made for MagSafe” wireless charger is for Apple enthusiasts who not only have an iPhone, but also an Apple Watch and AirPods Pro. The Belkin BoostCharge powers all three devices at the same time and thanks to a chrome finish it looks great while it’s doing it. When connected via MagSafe, the phone can be vertical or horizontal, with charging speeds of up to 15W. If you want to pair your iPhone with an Apple-branded wireless earbud set, premium AirPods Pro are one of your best options. Sure, they’re a bit pricey, but you get great audio quality, active noise cancellation, and over 24 hours of battery life through the case.

Mount your security camera in the desired places: at the front or back door, in the office or near your hamster’s cage to ensure that you do not get into trouble during the day. Turn off the auto-lock feature in your iPhone settings to ensure continuous streaming. When you’re all set, you can sign in to your real-time security camera using the app on your primary device. Each account has a different color, so you can easily find one, or you can choose a different color. The Step Two app offers a Safari extension and automatically fills in two-step codes where you need them.

Once this camera is set up, you can monitor the flow in real time from your primary iPhone. MagSafe is an Apple magnetic technology integrated into the in-house engineering of iPhone 12 models. Originally created as a security feature for MacBook charging cables, MagSafe was included in the iPhone 12 to create a new ecosystem of accessories for easy attachment and faster wireless charging. The product is perfect for the camera lens of your iPhone 12 Pro. It helps you avoid scratches and other damage to the camera lens module with its corner-to-corner coverage.

It’s funny to speculate what the latest iPhone accessories will look like in the future, but for now, we’ll have to settle for what we have. Apple’s own headphones are seamlessly integrated with other Apple devices, enabling ultra-fast connectivity. Not only is this limited to iPhones, but it also works with any device connected to the same iCloud account, a true champion in wireless accessories.

So, you can arrange your playlist vertically and then use the navigation tool horizontally. The whole process took me about a month, but in the end it was worth it, as I was able to try some fun and unfamiliar gadgets myself. The Tile Pro impressed me most and is now an integral part of both my keychain and my wallet. I also took a look at the best iPhone accessories of 2020, to see if anything important made it to 2022. If you are looking for practical and reliable mobile phone accessories, this is a good choice. This is an iPhone accessory that is pure fun with a touch of utility.

If you only use one of the ports, it will charge at 30 watts, which is enough power to charge a tablet or small laptop. As a bonus, Spigen backs up your charger with a 2-year warranty. The colorful Anker Powerline III Flow is simply the best third-party USB-C to Lightning cable. It measures 6 feet long, making it much more versatile than the standard 4-foot cable. Setapp is a multifunctional multi-tool with apps for every incident. Again, this is just the beginning for the types of tools available to anyone who wants to start creating high-quality video content on an iPhone and on a budget.

Specially designed for iPhone 13 and later, this car holder is a safe and powerful accessory to hold your iPhones in. It is equipped with a superior base, as well as ventilation clips. So when you drive your car, your iPhone remains intact and doesn’t fall due to a speed switch or other movement.