Configure Access Control

These systems translate the guidelines of an organization about who has access to what (p. E.g. rooms, equipment, vaults, etc.) during the verification that blocks and unlocks access. By combining a variety of card readers and door controllers, the software for access control systems is flexible and cost effective. From students and small businesses to government agencies and national conglomerates, you can design the perfect access control system with the right software. These systems are easy to use with many features that increase safety and contribute to productivity.

There are also access systems for key cards that work based on proximity or contact. This login details are stored on a map or key ring with a small security hitch that interacts with the reader with RFID. With proximity technology, the map or key ring can be easily read by keeping it close to the card reader. The reading range determines the distance at which a card sends data to the card reader. With this flexibility, you can add the reference as a sticker to an identification badge or it can be a larger key ring that fits on a key ring.

Clicking one of the device photos will open a new window with direct access to prices and product data sheets for more detailed reference. Parking access control systems are used to control access of vehicles inside and outside a parking lot. This is not intended to increase revenues for parking structures, but is used to manage which vehicles can enter a parking lot. These vehicle references are usually mounted on a windshield, plate or by a portable key ring. Typical use of parking systems include business parking lots, hotel parking lots, private residential complexes and employee parking spaces.

Some companies cover as many doors as necessary, but are limited by the number of door readers that each control panel supports. You may need to install multiple control panels if you need to cover more than a few doors, which can be expensive and take up space. This type of door access control system does not provide data about the key used in a specific door access control system and the keys can be easily copied or transferred to an unauthorized person. When a mechanical key is lost or the key holder is no longer authorized to use the protected area, the locks must be retyped to maintain commercial safety. Magnetic locks, electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock or maglock is a locking device consisting of an electromagnet and armor plate.

Readers also work with a keypad for passwords or even more advanced readers using biometric scanners and facial recognition. Kisi is a highly rated cloud-based access control system with mobile functionality. It offers various login details, from cards to key chains to the mobile phone and a temporary link.

Organizations of all sizes need reliable and innovative access control systems to secure their facilities. From basic smart card technologies to modern solutions such as HID Mobile Access, our mission is to help your organization find the best access control solution. Access systems to key cards or key chains can help prevent losses, so while they are not economical to install, they are cheaper. Tracking time, theft and possible vandalism by employees are cost-saving functions.

Each type of access control system has its advantages and disadvantages and must be considered based on the unique needs of your company. For example, cloud-based systems are flexible and easy to scale as your business grows, and mobile systems are easy to use and require little physical hardware. Kisi offers a flexible and modern system that works well for all types of companies. With a wide range of employee access options, a mobile remote management application and integration with other services, you can create the exact access control configuration your business needs.