From there, storyboard artists will team up with concept artists and game designers to create schematics that show how the camera will move through each scene of the game. We are sure that you now understand what outsourcing is and how to communicate with the client and the company during the joint work. Stepico experts provide services for the development of game art and more. The animation mimics real-life movement, making it extremely engaging and engaging for viewers.

The scope of work carried out under the services can vary significantly from project to project. Some game development companies outsource routine repetitive tasks to free up their in-house designers for more creative tasks. Others look for a full-range 3D design service when a game character needs to be completely redesigned from scratch, for example. But when it comes to big projects, many game development companies prefer to work with aaa studio games. Our outsourcing 3D animation studio offers both art outsourcing and 2D animation production.

In addition, a multistage self-perpetuating mechanism begins to work. The higher the proportion of outsourced design work, the more internal resources are freed up. The greater the benefit of the resources released, the cheaper the resulting game art outsourcing service. Even a very experienced game development company can’t know all the nuances of art design. Game developers can have a fairly in-depth knowledge of the technical approaches used by designers. The lack of artistic vision alone can lead game developers to reputational risks due to poorly met customer expectations.

If you have any questions about outsourcing game animation, feel free to read our website and see why we are one of the most recognized outsourcing studios in the world. Outsourcing game animation is a great way to allocate your internal resources to other parts of the pipeline. A high-quality animation outsourcing company provides consistent updates and allows you to easily track your progress.

From there, you’ll move on to storyboarding and concept development, prototyping, and then production. The game’s art developers first design a rough sketch of characters. If the customer approves, it moves on to the gaming animation outsourcing companies environment and additional features are introduced to make the images sharper and smarter. Finally, during the post-production phase, specific sounds, colors, and movements are assigned to the animated characters in a game.

The number of specialists involved in the project, their skills and experience, as well as the name of the studio, also influence the price. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the cost of the game animation service you need. We have done our best to cover all the important points that will help you find the best animation outsourcing companies for your various animation production projects.