How Does A Sand Filter Work?

Turn off the pump by running the water through the filter and let it stop completely. Once the pump is stopped, you can unwind or connect the backwash hose and set the pump setting valve to “Backwash”. The water will begin to clear and then it will darken as more dirt and debris comes out.

The top of the sand should not be disturbed and should be covered with water all the time. At first, this biological film is not visible, but after 5 or 6 months, the surface of the sand may look darker as organic matter accumulates in the biological layer. This layer contains non-harmful microscopic insects that live in harmful microscopic insects. These “insects” are too small to see without a microscope. Good insects eat bad insects and all that remains is harmless purified water with some natural chemicals.

This backwash water is fed into sedimentation tanks so that the flake can settle and then be removed as waste material. The supernatural water aquarium equipment is reintroduced into the purification process or removed as a wastewater stream. In some countries, sludge can be used as a soil improver.

Either way, chlorine should never go directly to your sand filter. Fortunately, you can wash your sand filter monthly to keep the sand for a few years. You know if your sand filter works if the water looks clear, the sand is compact and the filter has a PSI between 10 and 25. In addition, they are generally used to purify the liquid rather than trap the solids as a valuable material. Therefore, they find most of their applications in the treatment of liquid effluents.

Manual cleaning of the grates is required approximately every 90 days. In this article I will explain how pool sand filters work, how often you need to replace the sand and how your pool chlorine works with the sand filter. The backwash setting reverses the flow of water through the pool sand filter and pushes water from the bottom or sides through the filter. What this does is break the clumping of your sand and essentially shake it up and loosen all the trapped debris.