He also teaches colors by playing Candyland. This was the only way my five-year-old son could learn them. If you can entertain your children, they learn and remember twice as often. Just know that you are a great parent and if you fear that you are not doing enough to train your child click here or that it is behind it, you are even better. Don’t worry if your child comes to school and is not fully ready yet. The teacher is still paid, and maybe she can give you more advice on what to do at home, show you areas where your child has problems, and draw up an action plan.

These are all skills that children have before the 5th. And if you don’t have time to teach and strengthen these basic skills … Have no children because it does them very bad service. You should be ashamed if you cannot take the time to cut out, insert, count, sing and identify letters and noises in order to prepare your child for reading and life.

You still can’t say the numbers, but I think you understand the concept. Some parents do not understand that these things do not have to be learned in a classroom or at a desk. And it is really sad when people think that kindergarten should learn the basics of the flat line. I really think it depends on the child. Every child learns at their own speed. Don’t feel like a bad parent if you do everything to help your child.

Some children will never develop physically, some children have language / hearing problems, some children are color blind, which does not mean that they are not ready for school. This is a good list of suggestions, but not a requirement. You would hate if someone prevents your child from going to school or thinking that your child is insufficient because it cannot mark everything on the list. Children differ greatly in their development, strengths and weaknesses.

I actually found that the most important thing you can convey to your child is trust and security. So when it comes to a school environment, it feels comfortable. Most of you mothers who have taken the time to read this list already love your child enough to convey this trust. All of my children knew their letters and numbers before school and learned them again when they came to school.

I talked about what my 4 and 5 year old KS hopefully already knows. I didn’t say that’s all I TEACH all year round. I am a highly respected kindergarten teacher and take full responsibility for teaching both the curriculum and the common core. Take a look at Canada’s education system, which is much higher than ours. America’s early education curriculum is unfortunately confusing.

I was very surprised when I was doing a security hour today and half of the children in the class didn’t know what number to call in an emergency. I believe that as responsible caregivers, we should intensify it and do everything we can to make these children as smart as possible and teach them everything we can to prepare them for life. As a primary school teacher, I am sad to discover that children do not play as much today as I do as a child. Those who speak badly of teachers have never been there. They work early, go late and correct homework at home.