Last year I used some fun plastic New Year champagne flutes so the kids could participate and not break a glass. You can create teams for competition or just play for fun. There are tons of funny games to choose from and should keep everyone entertained. Add to the anticipation and excitement of celebrating New Year’s with a balloon countdown. Kids can pop a balloon every hour to help countdown till New Year’s Eve. We all learned how to do this in 2021 so why not keep it up and stay connected to family who live far away.

There is no obligation to stay up until midnight. No doubt there will be some family members who don’t hang around all night! If you feel tired and want to nod off earlier, feel free to; it’ll be next year when you wake up and you can hold your own morning ritual to greet the New Year.

Homes and streets are lit in glittering lights. In modern times, celebrations in major cities are modest, with most people favouring small parties in the home for family and friends. New Year’s Eve in Hungary is celebrated with home parties and street parties, including a gathering in downtown Budapest.

Turn on a festive playlist and dance with your kids. A dance party is sure to be fun no matter what, but you can make it even more New Year’s-fancy by inviting everyone to dress in their fanciest party clothes. Go all out on party supplies that celebrate 2021. It’s especially exciting this Dec. 31 to say goodbye to the old year.

Let the kids get out the glitter to make sparkly treats, gift baskets, or notes to leave for neighbors and friends. Add a cute gift tag with “may your New Year sparkle” for extra smiles new year. Search feliz año nuevo 2022 online for “Noon Year’s Eve,” and you’ll find a variety of countdowns for kids to enjoy that won’t obliterate bedtime. Sign up for our newsletter and receive information on news, activities, and events.

This way, you can pull it out every New Year’s Eve and add new things. Start by having each family member choose one item that represents who they are right now to add. Pass the time with crafts and projects your family can enjoy long after the celebration ends. Take advantage of the New Year’s Eve clock theme and play Minute to Win It style games.