Setting up your living room design may seem like a full-time job in itself, especially if it’s smaller than most. The questions are endless and once you have solved one, that answer sometimes raises 10 more questions. You probably have a big white wall behind your bank space to deal with. When renting, it may not be possible to paint or make paper. However, strategically placing a collection of framed gallery-style objects or photos can be all you need.

In a small apartment it has already been indicated that the floor space is small. Use high shelves and wall shelves to maximize your storage options and minimize clutter. The books, if not shown on the shelves, would eventually take up a precious space in your storage boxes or cupboard. Using shelves or wall shelves, you can free up space in your boxes and cabinets while customizing your decor with your favorite literary classics. Choosing a color palette for small spaces is generally overlooked, as you usually choose colors for furniture or individual decorations.

No gallery wall is identical to another: you have the freedom to design yours to represent you and your style. The gallery walls can fill the large empty wall in your royal hallmark condo room or living room. If you don’t have a large free wall, you can create gallery walls around features like doors and windows to add fun details to your apartment.

If your studio apartment plan does not contain a dressing room, find a more creative solution! Or hang up a ceiling rack to make an improvised curtain for your room. Decorating small spaces will be a lot of fun if you include part of yourself in this.

You wouldn’t put small furniture in a big mansion, they’ll just get lost. You must also implement the same scale logic when decorating a smaller house. Do not choose large, sturdy overweight pieces that take up too much space. When you need to decorate selectively, one of the best places to start planting is. Sometimes you can leave them in the pots they enter or buy a few that match their decoration style.