It is because it offers a variety of benefits and is a long-lasting product. It consumes and wastes less energy and is very easy to install and maintain. The size of the LED screen is adjustable, making it convenient even for the buyer.

Fast and professional service is always ready for any changes in the details of your LED display. The transparent LED display only requires indoor maintenance, which is fast and safe, saving labor and material resources. Including the entire structure and nutrition, the weight per square meter is only 10 kg, only a third of the weight of the traditional display. The thin and light features not only make the screen look compact, but also save on shipping and storage costs.

When promoting a store, the commercial showcase plays a fundamental role, as it is the first thing customers see. A transparent display has given the desired flexibility to these windows, allowing stores to display 3D information to customers. These windows have multiple advantages such as transparency, concealment, beauty and lightness. The most striking feature of these screens is that they never obstruct the view of the windows. These screens have overcome the disadvantages of traditional LED screens and improved the beauty of shop windows.

No heat dissipation devices are needed, making LED wall displays an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly product. • High transparency that ensures the lighting and vision needs of angelic fields between light-collecting structures, such as floors, glass facades and windows. In this way, it retains the original light absorption and transparency of the glass wall. Any first-year student enrolled in Marketing led screen supplier 101 knows that the look and feel of a store can make or break a business. Potential customers spend just a few seconds deciding if they want to participate, primarily based on an emotional response to their first impressions. While signage and product displays are invaluable for forms of free advertising, potential customers also respond positively to the simple opportunity to look inside the store.

And it has a higher refresh rate, high pixel density, super color uniformity and most importantly, it’s a meager budget. In addition, transparency from 55% to 93%, industry-leading brightness adjustment and heat dissipation technology give RIGARD LED a great reputation. Thanks to the ip68 degree of protection, RIGARD’s transparent LED display can operate smoothly at temperatures between -40°C and 60°C, and the windproof pneumatic design makes it resistant to storms and typhoons. By adding a dynamic atmosphere to the stage and creating a beautiful 3D effect, the LED wall display enhances the experience of watching a show on stage. Because this screen is transparent, there is no concern that the stage lighting will be hindered. In addition, the lightweight and thin body of a transparent LED display produces a strong perspective effect, making the depth of the image appear much longer.

In recent years, with the expansion of market demand in the LED display industry and the continued expansion of application areas, LED display products have shown a diversified development trend. Before 2014, the most important LED advertising screens on the market were relatively large. Installation is a big project, and labor costs are not a small amount. In the context of the new era, a revolutionary transparent LED display was born.

The LED display has been carefully developed with a high-quality and versatile SMD LED chip from the brand. As mentioned above, thanks to this SMD chip technology, the brightness and brightness of the screen increase dramatically, while providing a better, colorful, sharper and clearer impact than any other LED display. In short, a soft LED display will come in handy when it comes to attracting new customers to your business. And buying flexible LED displays is the ideal way to produce constructive effects that will give your business a positive boost. Check out the unique advantages that distinguish flexible LED displays from other types of LED displays.

Unlike LCD bulbs, they do not contain mercury or halogen gases that require special removal or create an unsafe situation if they break. No matter how many bright glass LED screens you’ve seen, each screen will stop you in your tracks. This state-of-the-art fusion of art, advertising and technology is so captivating that its renewed popularity in no way diminishes its effect. Beyond the obvious visual impact, what’s behind the growing use of these types of ads?

The selected one must be of good quality to effectively clean dust and other dirt markings on the transparent LED display. In addition, the sensitivity of the display and controller adds to the flexibility to quickly change content without wasting time loading data. This is one of the advantages of the transparent LED screen over other types of LED screens.