Your Guide For Beginners Of Marijuana Varieties

The number of marijuana species is constantly growing as breeders and producers work tirelessly to introduce better weed strains. With every new variety of cannabis, there are better performance, the maturity of pest and disease resistance, potency and other attributes. Different types of weed strains include different growth, yield, terpenes, THC, cannabinoid compound structures.

Like other plants, cannabis has been cross-pollinated, genetically evolved and even accurately bred by botanists for specific reasons. Each end result gets a new root name like Sour Diesel, Blueberry Kush or God’s Gift because their genetics are different and their cannabinoid and terpene profile can be unique. With a perfect effect profile for medical marijuana patients, it’s no wonder Lilac OG is popular across the country. Cannabis strains are pure or hybrid varieties of the Cannabis plant genus, which includes the species C.

One species is a genetic variation on the cannabis plant that gives the shoots their aromas, effects and appearance. Consider tomato plants as an equation; You may have plants that produce red, yellow, orange and even purple tomatoes. Some tomatoes will be small like cherries, some will be gigantic and others will be pear-shaped. Tomato plants can be tomato plants, but the fruits they give are very different and even the plants themselves can have their own unique characteristics. These variations are due to differences in plant genetics or plant strain.

Our team of researchers at Dalhousie University worked with Bedrocan International, a Dutch medical cannabis company, to study hundreds of buy weed online with indica labels and satives. This included not only the major psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, but also the terpenes that give cannabis its distinctive aromas. We also measured the genetic profiles and then we were able to investigate the chemical and genetic differences between the strains. Apparently this has become complicated over time (Russo 2007; Clarke and Merlin 2013; Small 2015a; Small 2016).

How long you feel after taking a few hits depends on the types of weed strains you choose. Cannabis Terpenes 101 Terpenes are key to determining the effects of the chosen cannabis variety. Some can relieve pain, while others promote feelings of euphoria and well-being. Cannabis Quizzes Become an expert consumer of medical marijuana and all the different products currently on the market. While most people think that smoking marijuana is only for banking reasons, more marijuana users are starting to use the plant for productivity.

These markers can be used for the selection of strains in clinical studies and for the manufacture of cannabis-based products and medicines. Breeders and producers opt for cannabis plants with desired characters with regard to flowers, cannabinoid profile and terpene production. Cannabis is significantly variable and extremely plastic in response to different environmental conditions . Therefore, determining the variation sources, at the most basic level, requires investigating genetic differences. Eight of the strains studied in this study are reported to be only cloned strains indicating that there may be little or no genetic variation within these strains.