Can you create your own life? The answer is yes, at least you can form it. Creates? I think we can discuss semantics, but I think we can. Can you create your own endless life? I think I need to define infinite life.

What is an infinite life

My definition of infinite life is life with endless possibilities and endless choices. Why do I use Infinite? Infinite means infinite or immeasurable. I believe that there are things like God, the universe, the Source, no matter how you describe it. I also believe that we are an integral part of infinity. Thus, we have the possibility of an infinite life.

Does this mean that I think we are limitless in what we can do?

And yes and no. I believe that what we have is much more than we think it seems that we can do or have what we want. However I believe that not everything is going well for us and that some things should be out of reach and Infinity will take care of it.

Let’s say I wanted to have the power to decide who survives and who dies. I just need to think about it, and it’s going to happen. Now I’m a good guy. On the freeway, act like an idiot, and we’re in trouble. On a really bad day, people can fall like flies! I wish I didn’t have that kind of power!

Can I change my life to be more successful and have more money than I do? Yes, certainly, and at my disposal are endless resources to help me with this if I am open to it and do not harm others. Can I get some of these things and still hurt someone else? Look around the world and you’ll get your answer, but it will somehow come back to me.

Isn’t it just snake oil for quick enrichment?

No, and if I ever claim that you can get something or do something without working on it, I’m waiting for you to call me about it! I don’t believe you have anything for free! This is one of the things that I have against many self-help gurus and law of attraction gurus. I believe in self-help and the law of attraction, but not in the “I want this and this” mentality, and it’s going to happen, and you don’t have to do anything.”

If you want an endless life, you have to be open to infinity, but you have to get up from the couch! You have to plan how to get what you want and then put those plans into practice! Your plans will evolve and you will go through difficult times, but if you stick to them, you will reach your goal and get a prize.

Isn’t that just a positive thought wrapped in another package?

Yes, positive thinking is one of them. Do you remember what I said about work earlier? A really positive mindset is to take what gives you life and think about it positively to take advantage of a situation or circumstance. It’s not Pollyanna’s way of believing that everything will be fine if I just believe enough.

Yes, you have to believe, you have to believe in what you want to do and in your abilities, but it requires work and effort!

Do you want to improve your life for yourself and your loved ones? Endless life awaits you if you have the courage and strength to endure it.