What is endless design? Infinite representation is the idea that all life is one.

An endless concept would explain our birth, our death. Our creations, our apocalypse. Our eternal life is after us, our reincarnation. And much more about human civilization.

This explains them very clearly: in fact, they are all human illusions.

Don’t expect your mind to accept or even understand the concept of endless design. Let’s start with the fact that infinity is almost impossible to understand. Attempts to connect infinity with one’s life – then with human life – then with all life – will confuse your mind!

Infinite design would eventually turn individuality into an illusion.

But how can we be sure that this is the “real reality” that exists outside our “human perception” of reality?

Even if this could be proved, the infinite idea would remain the ultimate paradox. While it is likely that we deny our entire “birth-to-death cycle” and try to escape, the paradox is that even if we could prove it, we still have to deny it.

No matter what we believe in or what methods we use to avoid reality, an infinite design will mean moving forward like mass in an infinite cycle.

To understand what you are about to read, you need to know about the four main components of human existence:

Denial (escape from reality)
Self-deception (to deceive yourself with illusions)
Self-love, self-worship and narcissism
Having said that, what is the idea that all life is one?

First, let’s list the main parallels of Infinite Design, including:

Abilene’s paradox is when a group of people collectively decide to act, even if none of the people have chosen this particular path.
Anonymous is a group of hacktivists with weak connections with no real “guidance.”
Collective arousal is the perceived energy that is formed when a large group of people gather together, forcing them to behave differently than in normal life.
Collective intelligence is group information from cooperation and competition.
The collective unconscious – conceived by Carl Jung, is the organization of individual experiences of representatives of a certain kind.
General reinforcement – when a concept or idea is repeated and approved in a community, this concept or idea is widely known.
The psychology of the crowd is when people unite and gain power by forming a group rather than acting individually.
Gaia’s hypothesis is that all organisms and their inorganic environment on Earth are closely integrated.
The Global Brain is a metaphor for the global intellectual network formed by all the inhabitants of this planet, as well as connecting them with information and communication technologies (Internet, etc.).
Group behavior is when people get together and find that they act the same way.
Higher consciousness is the state of mind of a person who has realized the real reality.
The human spirit is the spiritual or mental part of humanity, shown as a singular one.
Noosphere – The Spirit of Human Thought.
Peer pressure is the influence of a peer group on a person. It seems to have a more or less impact on people.
Tunnel reality – reality is formed from beliefs and human experience, forming a different interpretation of the world around.
Social perceptions are values, beliefs, ideas and practices shared by members of groups and communities.
Superorganism is an organism consisting of many organisms.
The zeitgeist is the “spirit” of time or era.
Again, each of these elements can be discussed separately. Each of them is studied and each is complex. Only when they unite, you can begin to paint a picture in which just “all life is one.”

Now that we know the parallels of infinite design, let’s list what might explain the infinite plan. That would explain.

Why we love others when we love ourselves (manifests ourselves in love for ourselves).
Why do we hate others when we hate ourselves (manifested by self-loathing).
Why are the fundamental aspects of human history repeated over and over again over the past five thousand years?
Why we, as human beings, live in an endless cycle of self-deception and denial throughout our lives: this is what we need to do.
Why did we find that all human DNA is 99.9% identical to the entire human population and 98.4% identical to bonobo DNA.
Why human cultures tend to adore children. Why human cultures tend to ignore the old.
Why did we create a unique God in whose reflection we will be one and unique “people” (manifested in self-worship).
Why do we have a love-hate relationship with this God (manifested as self-love and self-loathing).
Why our past is in line with our future. Why our future is like our past.
Why organized religions create and strengthen our dominant notions of life (self-deception).
Why social problems, both macro and micro, can be explained and deconstructed. Consider the simple problems of murder and war (self-loathing) and the fact that corporate behavior meets the psychological criteria of the Guide to Psychopathy.
Why can a person believe in Christianity as easily as he does in Scientology (self-deception). The doctrine itself does not matter. Behind all faith is the psychology of universal self-deception.
Why our illusion of individuality acquires certain traits of behavior of parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances, actors, heroes and everyone whom this person surrounded in childhood.
Why are our behaviours and cultural norms universal and generally irreversible.
Why people adopt the culture, religion, way of thinking and traditions of their parents and the environment.
Why will civilization arise when all of them fall sooner or later?
Why no idea that people create has ever stood the test of time – no language, no religion, not even an empire.
Why the only idea that seems universal is “all life is one”, which has been embodied for centuries in myths about creation, religions, philosophies and artistic expressions.

Why the building blocks of life are reproduced, they are not born and do not die.
Why psychedelic and mind-altering drugs such as DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and mescaline have a universal perspective-changing effect on the human mind.
Why DMT is common in the realm of plants and why DMT is probably found in trace amounts can be found in all living organisms on Earth (science continues today).
Why DMT can be produced in the human pineal gland, what significance this discovery has for an infinite design.
Why we could put a baboon’s heart into a human child in 1985 and why this child can still live (Baby Fay).
Why cultures, ideas, religions, traditions, customs, popular songs and viral videos are spread through intimacy.
Why men and women have different degrees of masculine and feminine qualities (man is only 50% composed of men).
Why pets are associated with neighboring human figures.
Why the female menstrual cycle is aligned when women are next to each other.
Why is time being distorted during sleep and hypnosis?
Why deja vu and other phenomena are universal for human existence.
Why identical twins are experiencing an amazing phenomenon of interconnection.
Why do people look so much like their parents, grandparents – and even strangers?
Why two strangers look at each other and seem familiar, although never met (the law of attraction).
Why active sacred places (which have been visited by millions of people in the past) are often familiar to those who travel for the first time. Give it a shot.
Why can a person remember that he saw (or experienced the consciousness of another person) through the eyes of another in his sleep.
Why there is a subtle connection between sex and death.
Why there are subtle connections between sleep and hypnosis and the distortion of time.
Why there are subtle connections between physiology and psychology.
Why there are subtle connections between cosmology, atomic theory and organic chemistry.
Why are there subtle links between the human condition and registered paranormal phenomena?
Why are there subtle parallels between modern monotheism and religions based on reincarnation?

The ability to deceive yourself, which you yourself learned as a child, is one of your most valuable talents, from which you are fiercelyware. Self-deception is what really distinguishes the human state from the perception of reality that all other living beings seem to have.

In other words, it seems that animals are completely deprived of the ability to self-deception, but in humans self-deception is limitless. That’s why you can’t imagine reality.

The essence of self-deception is that people can and will believe that this was taught in childhood. These teachings create a traditional way of thinking that takes place in an alternate reality that does not really exist outside the mind.

As has been mentioned in other articles, self-deception is not only the essence of human existence, but also one of the main parallels of the Infinite Design. It would be a paradox if the human mind were wrong about its individuality only to remain “healthy” and to act within the framework of artificial civilization.

It’s a pretty funny paradox, if you think about it. If it doesn’t make much sense to you, I’ll explain it to you in a different way:

You’re in an endless loop.
You must constantly make mistakes without realizing the fact that you are entering an endless cycle.
The human condition exists in an infinite cycle of self-deception, so you are not aware of reality.
The mistake of being a person is the only way to remain “working” in an artificial human society. Without this self-deception, you will no longer ride on the rails laid in front of you by human civilization. You will clearly see that all this is an illusion.

In other words, realizing the uniqueness of life, human civilization becomes transparent.

The last point may seem interesting to you.

In the West, it is widely believed that consciousness is in the human brain. In the East, it is generally believed that the human brain controls only the “dominant” consciousness.

Think about it long enough along with the idea of endless design and you will understand another paradox.