As Darren Salkeld’s Infinite Income Plan partner, I get a lot of questions about his system. The most frequently asked question is, “Does the infinite income plan work?”

The simple answer is yes. But people don’t really ask the right questions when it comes to success with the system. Good questions are more focused … Why does the Infinite Income Plan work? How does the endless income plan work? These questions can give you much more meaningful answers.

Let’s start with “why.” Why does the Infinite Income Plan work? First, because it is based on the solid principles of internet marketing. That’s what I mean.

It is well known that the best way to make money online is to create your email list and then start making money from this list as quickly and as often as possible. To do this, you need to take care of a few important things. Namely, the lead capture page, a good sales page with a reliable customer product, answering machine and server product that offers great value.

This is not a course of 101 online marketing, so I won’t go into details. Rest assured that Darren Salkeld’s system uses them all. I want to take the time to add to the product, Global Resorts Network. This is the main reason why the endless income plan works.

Global Resorts Network is actually the business opportunity behind the endless income plan. MIP was created as a marketing system to promote the business opportunities of the Global Resorts Network. What makes Global Resorts Network’s business opportunities so strong is the Direct Selling Compensation Plan, under which two people pay a $1,000 commission per sale.

Another thing that makes Global Resorts Network such an intriguing business is the product. GRN offers a luxurious travel membership that will revolutionize the tourism industry. THE product and capabilities of GRN are an important part of “Why does the Endless Income Plan work?”

So the next question is, “How does the endless income plan work?” Answering machine.

The system’s goal is to find and sort your incoming leads. First, the lid capture page is designed to select who is interested and who is not. It collects contact information from people interested enough to see more. Now you can continue to promote these people over time if they don’t sign up right away.

Then the sales page and the look of the product immediately eliminate the problems with the tires. Doesn’t it make sense that people who aren’t interested enough to pay $50 for a front-line product never spend $3,000 on their backs? So, does the endless income plan work? Yes. It sifts and sorts potential customers to guide them to the most interested and most dedicated to their future.