About three months ago, I was talking to someone from Canada. He is both a philosopher and a mathematician. We discussed the concept of infinity and how it is defined, and how we use this concept with mathematics to identify trends and predict changes in data using derivatives. Well, it’s okay to have an endless set of anything, or an endless area, or even a few endless two-dimensional spaces, in fact, if they all worked in parallel, you could have an infinite number of them. They could even dissect themselves and continue indefinitely in any direction.

Yes, it’s all very interesting and interesting to think about, but you’re probably talking; So? Yes, this is also a good point, but in mathematics it is important to understand all these ideas and philosophies before applying mathematics to anything. When people think of infinity, they usually think of the universe because it is infinite, or at least that’s what we’ve always been told and taught in school. Because it’s so big, it’s the biggest thing we think we know, it works as a fun way to explain to students the concept of infinity.

Not long ago I read an interesting article in the online news Phys Org titled ‘Alternatives to dark energy Einstein exhausted’, published on January 9, 2013, and after reading the headline, you can see that we may have a problem to define infinity, if we compare it with the only thing we can think of, it can be infinite, because when it shrinks, it becomes more infinite. it is on the site of what it was. Meanwhile, as it developed, what did it develop into? It didn’t lead to anything? How, that’s a pretty chaotic concept, isn’t it?

If we use the universe to help students understand the definition of infinity, we throw a huge loop in the system when we tell them that the universe is shrinking. In other words, it is no longer infinite, it is a little less infinity, and it will grow more and more every day, and maybe even less and less infinite and with increasing speed. It seems that if we use the universe in the definition of infinity when talking to students, it’s time to change the definition if we suspect or theorize that the universe is shrinking now.