You may be wondering what’s happened to me over the last few months, but when you see me reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Joke, you’ll probably sigh and wonder, “What’s this? Did the idiot do it? Right now! “

Or effects in that direction.

My first introduction to Mr. Wallace’s work before I read Infinite Joke happened a few years ago, when I walked past this book in bookstores and browsed the cover of “Infinite Jokes,” and “Weib” knew it was popular.

Unfortunately, it turned out that I finally bought the book to read after I learned a little late that Mr. Wallace had committed suicide.

At the beginning of this book (the famous author Dave Eggers) writes:

Page by page, line by line, this is arguably the strangest, most characteristic and complex work of art created by an American in the last twenty years. Reading “Infinite Joke” will never know that this work of absolute obsession, distorting the mind of a young writer to the extent, we believe, almost madness. “
Mr. Egger is the author of the heartbreaking work of a stunning genius, a book I haven’t read, but these words and title may be the title of David Foster Wallace’s biography, because his early departure – greatly prolongs the memory of his work in the realm of the unknown.

Wallace committed suicide on September 12, 2008, as evidenced by the autopsy report of October 27, 2008.
In an interview with The New York Times, Wallace’s father said Wallace had suffered from depression for more than 20 years and that antidepressants allowed him to be productive. “

-From Wikipedia

Complete Original Infinite Jest resembles Gravities Rainbow not so much in tone or outlines, as with its full and completely original voice. You don’t just read an endless joke, you read it. He’s sitting in your corner of the book while you go through life, and even if you kill me, he won’t let go. I started reading Infinite Jest 2 months ago and was in no hurry. At first I hoped I could read it quickly, but I realized it wasn’t going to happen. I gave up and literally read 10 pages a day, which I haven’t done since Proust. Only in the last 400 pages of Infinite Jest I started reading 20 pages a day. So, you know, take it seriously.

First of all, the Infinite Jest 981 page is pure Audacity. This book is in bold with a capital letter. He is a writer with a strong and special voice, and he amazes the reader by the fact that sometimes, thanks to his stories about his little characters, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of Mr. Incredible abilities. Wallace telling stories. Rarely able to write as a truthful storyteller. It’s amazing to find a job like “Joke” in this world where Pablum is the goal and Repetition is the rule. Under the command of Mr. Wallace Infinite Jest begins to weave a completely unique spell.

Infinite Jest has a special family, a family based on creativity, with several young sons-athletes, especially Hal Incandenza … The father of this clan, Jim Incandenza, the former director/creator of the quirky Offbeat Films, this father seems to be enveloping everyone involved in this family since he is a long-dead father in this novel, and author Wallace makes it very clear that the late father (suicide in the microwave!) is almost that terrifying presence for this family of young men and tennis. However, the family’s mother, Avril Incandenza, is still alive and works as an administrator at the Enfield Tennis Academy (ETA), where much of the “action” of Infinite Jest takes place. During the book there is a mysterious videotape created by the late father Jim Incandenza, which seems to have a devastating effect on the audience, actually turning them into live vegetables … this tape is being investigated by the agency. Government with a very strange effect. The band’s name is Infinite Jest. In fact, there is no fix for these plot points, and I ask them simply because if you delve deeper into Mr. Wallace’s Infinite Joke, you may not like what you read, the book has something not to love, but it certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Mr. Wallace still has a part of the book that stretches from start to finish. There are obsessive addiction compulsions. Almost everyone at Infinite Jest is addicted to drugs or seriously “obsessed” in one way or another. But Mr. Wallace is so knowledgeable about business that he doesn’t care what you think. Moments later in the book Mr.

Wallace introduces us to Don Gately, a former thief and demerol addict who now works at the Drug and Alcohol Recovery House at Ennet House, which seems to be across the street from the Anfield Tennis Academy. Don Gately is a big man who is an ardent member of the AA in the Enfield family, and when we hear about him, we see that he is finally free of the drugs and overeating that have plagued his life. These “Gately” parts of the book tell me more than parts of the story about tennis and Incandenza. Mr. Wallace is so well versed in drugs and their use that everyone is very realistically involved in The Life story of Gately, which is deplorable in its American cruelty. Let’s face it, this nation is no consolation to the underprivileged, and unfortunately there is no religion that can match the emotions, needs and desires of a huge population of “disposable” subjects. This is a huge population of masters who have neither a hand nor hope in hell to get ahead of the monster that became an American nobleman. Most Alka-Seltzer talks about the game, but ultimately not interested in the problems of American hardcore. Those who fall into the crack are usually good people and have excellent survival skills, like Mr. Wallace’s Gately, a colossus very recognizable by Americans in this country who don’t live with ease.

The story of Don Gately is the living essence of the book, and in general could be the whole story. Reading Infinite Joke, you never know where Mr. Wallace leads us. However, it is so important that it is amazing. You don’t smell the food carried away by Mr. Wallace’s ghost. His world belongs to him.

In Mr. Eggers’ Forward, he makes a wish to the publisher, Little Brown and Company, Infinite Jest; need to show others that the book is at least available. That everyone can read it. Which is actually funny, because I’m sure it would be nice to sell more copies, and print – definitely honored to have this book as your own, who wouldn’t?

However, Infinite Jest – labor is not available. In fact, it’s very inaccessible, even if a good Mr. Eggers talks about readability, you realize, reading that you’re 100% or not. Mr. Wallace doesn’t really require us to participate, he doesn’t care, but it’s your choice.