Are you stuck in linear thinking?

When you face a new challenge in life, say to yourself, “This is terrible! My choices are so limited. I don’t know what to do.

You say to yourself, “I have no choice at all. I MUST do “xyz ” because there is no other choice?

Maybe it’s the old mental stereotypes that prevent you from doing the same thing.

Did you do the same, hoping for other results? Go! It doesn’t make sense!

Maybe you think that you need to go from A (problem) to B (solution) and that in fact there is only one possible solution (or even a good solution) and that you feel trapped?

You probably feel trapped thinking that the only way to get from A to B is from a straight line.

Straight lines do not exist in nature, and they are definitely NOT the closest distance from anything other than fear, frustration, anger and frustration.

LINE THINKING limits your potential.

To tell you the truth, you’re a multidimensional being.

In truth, even if you don’t see all the options, in almost all situations there are more than two options to choose from.

In fact, very often you can make an extra choice by thinking in a multidimensional way.

When you allow yourself to think in many ways, you open up endless possibilities for yourself. After practicing a little, you will be able to learn to open the intuitive sphere of Infinite Consciousness. Creating direct access to your own higher consciousness opens up the possibility of gaining your own infinite potential and noticing more choice in any situation that throws you away.

Infinite consciousness is what creates our entire universe. Infinite consciousness KNOWS that there are infinite possibilities. For example

You can play an infinite number of melodies in a range of sounds that the human ear hears.
In the visible spectrum of light an infinite number of color variations is possible, and you can draw an infinite number of paintings.

If musicians and artists did not believe this, no new music would be written and no new paintings were written.

A LOT of THINKING creates limitless potential.

Start thinking multidimensionally, realizing that instead of linear or straightforward thinking, life is actually spiraling. The circle revolves around in the same space, but the spiral stretches and moves. The spiral can also go up or down. Thus, spirals create more opportunities and more opportunities.

The spiral can be visualized with a shell.

This is YOU when you discover yourself the infinite spiral of life.

You can still go from A (problem) to B (solution), but you have a lot more options when you mentally go through a spiral thought process. This process may look like this:

I have a problem with X.
I want these criteria to be in my decision (list).
I am seeking senior management from my Higher Me or I Presence to help me find the best possible solution for all involved.
I write down any ideas that come to mind, and I remain open to everyone.
I feel the energy of every idea and write down next to it what I feel about myself.
I choose the one that suits me best.
Not judging, I’m checking it out.
You may have to go through steps 5, 6 and 7 several times to see the different options.

You may even have to change course as you develop a solution.

You may also have to go around to try different solutions and find new information (of course not in a straight line).

In the end, your multidimensional approach will bring you the best possible solution. In each situation hidden divine nuggets – gifts. To access these gifts,

Ask them to show what they are.
Ask if they are evident in your life.
We intend that they will really appear.
Wow! Now you are experiencing endless possibilities that you have come here to explore. You’re lucky!

And don’t you feel better knowing that you have the power to live multiple lives?